When I graduated from high school and was looking for a job, I couldn’t find a good company without a good diploma.
I don’t have a real high school diploma, and I can enter a large international enterprise with good treatments and rely on the help of noble people. One man suggested that I spent some money to buy a fake diploma online or buy fake degree, so bought a fake degree at 1,500 USD made me jump into the dragon gate.
 After I officially went to work, I kept a low profile, worked hard and worked hard, and I was very appreciated by the boss.
At a year-end celebration party, the manager in charge invited me to sit at the same table with the company leaders, and I was flattered.
 During the dinner, I was asked about the school I graduated from. After answering tremblingly, the human resources director smiled and said, “You and Jam are still alumni.”
Jam is the “second-in-command” of the company, and I quickly greet him. After some greetings, I was even more shocked. According to my diploma, Jam and I are in the same class. I’m worried that if I speak more, I will lose it. Fortunately, Jam didn’t ask too much. He just said that I have a relationship with me and both study and work together.
 Last year, I was transferred to the marketing department and I got more contact with Jam. Jam is approachable, so I gradually feel relieved about the fake diploma. Come, always comfort yourself: after all, there are so many classmates, how can I remember them all. Jam treats me as an alumnus, how helpful he is to me, I also
It’s a blessing in disguise. At noon the day before yesterday, Jam called me and asked me to make a trip to his office. Putting down the phone, I started to guess his intentions:
I heard that the director of the company is about to be promoted, and Jam is most likely to be rehabilitated. He talked to me right away and he must have wanted my support. As the marketing department
Director, I also have a certain right to speak in the company. After finishing the work at hand, I went to Jam’s office. Jam put it down as soon as he saw me With the pen in hand, I took me to sit down affectionately, then closed the door by myself, then took out a high-end cigarette and handed it to me, lit it for me, and gave it to me with a cup of hot tea.
I was secretly shocked, Jam sat down beside me and said something that surprised me: “It’s not easy for us to come out and fight for business.
I am grateful that you didn’t pierce me at the party that day. I bought my diploma, and I was really nervous at the time. “Look at my fingers trembling while holding the cigarette.
Jam stretched out his hands to hold my other hand, and said with emotion: “It’s not easy for me to walk now. You may have also heard of it.
My superiors intend to let me take charge of our company’s work, and I hope we can work closely together!”
I finally reacted and quickly threw away the cigarette butt, and looked at Jam with his hand, “Your diploma is absolutely true, and it is guaranteed to be truer than mine!”
Jam smiled relievedly, “Just to say this to you, I have to do my alumni friendship. Don’t worry, I will recommend to my superiors and let you take my current position…