Capilano University degree
Capilano University degree

Capilano University, founded in 1968 as Capilano College, was officially upgraded to university status by the Government of BC Province in 2008. Capilano University diploma. Capilano University is located in the city of North Vancouver (referred to as North Vancouver, is a quiet commercial and residential community, good security), only 20 minutes from Vancouver by car. Kapilano University has 3 campuses, Capilano University diploma transcript. the main campus is located halfway up the mountain in North Vancouver, buy fake Capilano University diploma. surrounded by green trees and pleasant scenery, and the other two campuses are located in Squamish and Sunshine Coast on the north shore. All three campuses are located in popular tourist areas of BC. buy Capilano University certificate. Capplano University has a total of more than 7,200 full-time students, the school can offer four degree programs, more than 80 certificate programs.

One of the 15 degree-awarding institutions under the jurisdiction of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education;

One of the drafting representatives of the Pan-Canadian University credit transfer agreement and the signing school;

Training Institute for Foreign Trade personnel designated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Canada;

Overseas training bases designated by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China;

The principal executive unit of the Canadian International Development Agency’s (CIDA) Overseas Education Assistance program;

The average employment rate of graduates in the past five years is 96%, of which 81% are in line with their major, which is the highest employment rate of colleges and universities in BC province.

The transfer acceptance rate of each major, according to the statistics of the BC Ministry of Higher Education, is almost ranked first in each school.

Arts and Sciences: Art History, Chinese, English, French, History, Japanese, Linguistics, Philosophy, Spanish, Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Business, Creative Writing, Cultural Network Engineering, etc.

Business and Specialty: Accounting, Administrative Support, Applied Business Technology, Basic Business, Volunteer Assistant, Business Administration, Retail Marketing, Communications, magazine Publishing, paralegal, Legal Administrative Assistant.

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation: Tourism Management, Tourism Management Cooperative education, international student tourism management, resort management, outdoor recreation management, mountain climbing bicycle operation professional diving instructor, wilderness leader training.

Health and Education: Music therapy, home support/nursing assistants, rehabilitation assistants, early childhood care and education.

Fine and Applied arts: Commercial animation, digital animation, fundamentals of advertising, film production, arts and entertainment management, etc.

International students should meet the following admission requirements when applying:

1. At least 18 years of age;

2. Average grade of B (75 points) or above;

3. Completion of a course equivalent to Grade 12 of a British Columbia secondary school, or Chinese high school graduation.

English language requirements for application:

The documents required to apply for university transfer credit programs or other professional courses are as follows:

1. TOEFL score of 560 or above (pen test), computer test score of 220 or above;

2. IELTS test score of 6.5 or above, no less than 6 points in each item;

3. English Language Assessment test (ELA) with a score of more than 145 (ELA test registration service is available).

Attend a language centre, no English required.