Just as people are familiar and inherently aware, in the eyes of most people, a good diploma is a proof and a symbol. I couldn’t help but ask the sky: “Does diploma really important?!” If I don’t have a real diploma, does buying fake diploma really important? Although it is just a piece of paper, it represents a person’s education level, growth background and ability, so many people put the diploma in the first place, even a very capable person has a fake diploma.
In modern society, with such strong competition, it is indeed a convenient and quick way to use a diploma to choose people. But can it be guaranteed that the person you choose is the kind of person you want? I think that ability is more important than diploma.
First of all, if a person has obtained a very high diploma, buy fake high school diploma, get a fake degree online, of course he must be admitted as a talent. It is undoubtedly a difficult project to pass all kinds of large and small exams and finally get these papers to prove oneself. The higher the diploma, the richer the exam experience, and the easier it is to stand out in many elections. This kind of person does have strong theoretical knowledge, but does it guarantee that he must have strong practical skills?
uncertain. Take a job application experience of my friend as an example. He is a high school student, applying for the job together with a college student (in my friend’s eyes, whether it is a college student or a graduate student, he collectively refers to it as a “college student”). They all said they had to wait for a call, but my friend had waited for more than a week and there was no call. So he went to the place where he was applying, and he saw the college student who applied for with him at first sight. He thought in his heart that there was no show, but he didn’t know that a month later, the place called and said that he wanted my friend to go there. This way, he used him directly. does buying fake diploma really important? No matter how well the college student’s major is, won’t he use my friend in the end? One month was lost in vain!
This is ability! The college student has a diploma, but he can’t do anything well. Although my friend does not have a diploma, he has high practical skills and high experience points. Although it is very quick to select people by relying on a diploma, they can also speak eloquently and full of professional terminology. But when it came time to do real things, they were silent. Those who have come forward are capable and experienced people.
Some people may say that this comparison may be unfair. I want to say that this is indeed unfair. Perhaps there is too much injustice in this society itself. Those with a diploma have no experience, and those with experience don’t have a diploma. It is the so-called fish and bear’s paw can not have both. does buying fake diploma really important? However, it is difficult to gain a foothold if you have experience without a diploma. Therefore, if you have experience and can add a fake diploma, you can get admission tickets to some good companies. But who will have experience from birth? But I think this phenomenon will only appear in this mixed situation. The enthusiasm of their older generation has not retreated, and the new generation has long been ready to move.
No one is absolutely good or bad. This phenomenon will definitely disappear after a few dozen. Breaking people by paper is only suitable for competition among people of the same generation, after which it is the ability to speak.
Of course, we cannot be completely superstitious about diplomas. In my opinion, ability is always important, heart is even more important, unintentional, no matter how strong it is, it is useless. At last, we think a fake diploma may can help you to be better. Maybe you just need a fake diploma to show your friends or classmates.