Hong Kong Driving Licence
Hong Kong Driving Licence

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Driving Licence, referred to as Hong Kong Driving Licence. According to the consensus reached in the 19th Round of Talks on Technical Issues of Cross-boundary Vehicles between Guangdong and Hong Kong, make fake Hong Kong driving licenseHong Kong residents may apply for a Mainland driving licence without applying for a Mainland driving licence without applying for a Hong Kong driving licence. pick fake Hong Kong driving license. Hong Kong driver’s license can not only drive in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Commonwealth countries, purchase Hong Kong driving license. but also through the Hong Kong driver’s license can be replaced by the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Italy and other countries driving license, choose Hong Kong driving license maker. but also can be used directly in the British Commonwealth member States, or directly change the Commonwealth member States driving license, specific matters can directly consult your country’s transport department, as of 2 On 19 April 2006, the Commonwealth had 53 member states.


1. Photo,B photo,C photo can be applied. However, the license must be obtained for at least one year. For example, in April 16,”to obtain a driver’s license for the first time, you must apply after April 17。”

2. Address proof in Mainland China, the applicant can provide any bill and envelope including his credit card, mobile phone bill or water, electricity and gas, etc. The bill must contain information showing the applicant’s name and current address, and is valid for any one month in the past three months. (It cannot be the address of the company or the hotel, it must be the home address, the mobile phone bill refers to the printed card bill at the telecom company).

WHVer holders of Hong Kong driver’s license are divided into two age groups and have different requirements, under 25 years old and over 25 years old, must be the holder of Hong Kong driver’s license to meet a certain period of time, can be exchanged directly.