Internationale Hochschule of Applied and Sciences degree
Internationale Hochschule of Applied and Sciences degree

Hof University of Applied Technology is a public university of Applied technology in Germany. IU diploma. fake IU diploma. Founded in 1994, fake IU degree. Hof University of Applied Technology has a faculty of Economics, IU degree. a Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, and a Faculty of Textile and Design.

Hof University of Applied Technology offers more than 20 undergraduate and master’s programs, Such as business economics, business management, international management, Economic law, Information science, Applied computer science, Management Informatics, Materials and surface treatment science, Industrial information technology, media Informatics, economic informatics, Systems Materials science, economic engineering, media design, textile design, textile technology, mechanical manufacturing, logistics, marketing management, software engineering and composite materials. Popular majors include management informatics, Economic law, International management, composite materials, Materials and surface treatment, and textile technology. In addition, HOF University of Applied Technology also provides a special learning mode, after more than 2 years of study, students can continue to study in the form of work in the company, so that students’ learning integrated theoretical learning and company practice, for the future work is fully prepared.

The teaching contents of such schools include natural sciences, social sciences, economic sciences, technology and arts.
Compared with the teaching of ordinary universities, universities of applied sciences pay more attention to students’ practical and professional abilities. From the perspective of scientific research and technological improvement, universities of applied sciences play a more important role in knowledge, technology and information transmission. The current professional setting of universities of applied sciences is developing in the direction of multi-specialization
Admission requirements
In the first category, German students can apply for this type of school after graduating from the 13th grade of high school and obtaining a diploma.
The second category is to obtain a diploma recognized by a university of applied technology in a nationally designated college entrance examination training base
Academic system
Four to five years, and in a few cases less than four years. These include several vacation placements and several internship semesters
Bachelor of Science
After graduation, students obtain a “Master of Applied Science University” (Diplom FH). Due to the need to adapt to the needs of the international market, the reform of the German education system has changed a lot. Many universities of applied sciences and general universities will begin to introduce the Anglo-American degree system.