Long Island University diploma
Long Island University diploma

Long Island University (C.W. Post Campus) (New York) was founded in 1954, Long Island University diploma. the school size of 300 acres, fake Long Island University diploma. is the eighth largest private university in the United States, CW Post College is one of the largest private universities in the United States. Long Island University degree. With a total enrollment of 8,500 full-time and half-day students, buy fake degree of Long Island University. CW Post College on Long Island’s famed Gold Coast is recognized as one of the most beautiful and safe colleges in the United States.

Long Island University has 6 campuses, the following are the three main campuses of Long Island University:

Built in 1954, the C. W. Post campus is only a 45-minute drive from New York City and offers nearly 250 specialized academic programs. Renowned faculties include the School of Education, the School of Performing and Visual Arts, and the Nursing and Health Professions. The campus is picturesque and the campus is home to the famous Tilles Performing Arts Center.

Founded in 1926, the Brooklyn campus is located in the Brooklyn community and offers more than 195 professional academic programs, known for its pharmacy, nursing, and health specialties, and about one-third of all pharmacists licensed in New York State are graduates of this campus.

Southampton campus is approximately a 90-minute drive from downtown New York. The school offers many top-notch programs, especially in the humanities and secondary sciences, and is known for its Marine Biology Department and Environmental Science Department. Its campus offers a number of Marine biology research vessels, giving students knowledge and experience from the real Marine environment. A 40-minute drive to New York City.

With overseas students from 45 countries, the C.W. PST campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful academic environments in the United States. The College of Arts is the largest campus of Long Island University.

The efficient teaching system provides students with more than 500 computers, free access to the Internet and email space, a library, music, media center, computer center, and an electronic smart classroom.

Studying here will allow you to immerse yourself in a good academic environment and use the comprehensive facilities of Long Island University. There are many local attractions to visit, including charming villages, wildlife sanctuaries, parks and beautiful coasts. Many famous musicians, movie stars, producers, and artists live in Long Island’s windy and beautiful coastal areas, and many New Yorkers visit the Long Island area on weekends and holidays. It’s easy to get around, and if you want to get out of school and explore somewhere else, just hop on a train, bus or car and get to Manhattan in an hour. You can explore the lively city yourself or relax on the beaches of Long Island. There are museums, theaters, restaurants, concert halls, etc., whether in the city or the suburbs, you can enjoy the best.

The school offers more than 100 programs for undergraduates and more than 70 programs for graduate students. This program has accounting, business, education, health care majors, and also provides information center and computer services, university liberal arts and sciences, public service, visual arts, and performing arts. Eight-lane swimming pool, three full-size basketball and volleyball courts, a 3,000-seat arena with stage lighting, track and field, tennis courts, aerobics and dance practice rooms.

Gym: Exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill, comprehensive gym atmosphere, rock climbing, free training.

Students can enjoy more than 50 buildings on the 380-acre campus, including libraries, horse farms, nature forests, sports fields, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools and tennis courts, art galleries, theaters, performing arts centers, business centers, dance studios, radio and television studios, and weight lifting gyms. The school is located in the center of the campus, classrooms, offices, multimedia computer center well equipped. Hillwood Commons has two art galleries, a computer classroom, movie theater, hair salon, and bank.

Library: 1.9 million capacity, 12,000 periodicals, 33,600 audiovisual materials.

The university provides students with various facilities for learning, recreation and exercise, and organizes students to carry out various activities. The library has all kinds of modern facilities. It also has a state-of-the-art aerobic fitness center and more. The school has a special department responsible for international students and tries to solve various problems for students.


You have several accommodation options: a traditional room for two, a room for three or four, a suite for eight people, a quiet living place for intensive study 24 hours a day, a residence dormitory for permanent students year-round, each with telephone, TV signal and Internet service.