National University of Singapore degree
National University of Singapore degree

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is currently ranked eighth in the world and first in Asia by QS. National University of Singapore degree. Located in the Republic of Singapore, the National University of Singapore is a member of the Alliance of Pacific Rim Universities, buy fake degree of NUS. the Alliance of Asian Universities, the Global University Presidents Forum, the Asia-Pacific Association of International Education, fake National University of Singapore diploma. the International Consortium of Research Universities, buy National University of Singapore fake diploma. Universitas 21, the International Consortium of New Engineering Education, and the International Network for the Development of Applied Science and Technology.

The National University of Singapore was founded as the Straits Settlements and Federation of Malaya Government Medical College in 1905. In 1912, the school was renamed King Edward VII Medical School. In 1928, Raffles College was established. In 1949, the Edward VII School of Medicine merged with Raffles College to form the University of Malaya. In 1955, Nanyang University was founded by the Chinese community of Singapore. In 1962, the University of Malaya’s Singapore campus became independent as the University of Singapore. In 1980, the University of Singapore and Nanyang University merged and became the National University of Singapore.

The National University of Singapore has a total of 17 colleges, distributed in the three campuses of Kent Hill, Bukit Timah and Ao Nan, offering a wide range of interdisciplinary courses across departments, and 12 overseas colleges around the world.

According to the official website of the University in April 2015, the university has more than 60 student organizations, as well as 23 cultural and artistic groups composed of undergraduates and alumni affiliated with the National University Center for the Arts, across the fields of music, dance, theater, visual arts and film production. In terms of sports, the university organizes more than 70 sports competitions and leisure activities for students throughout the year, and at the same time undertakes the social mission of promoting the spirit of sports, and carries forward the spirit of the university in various ways on different levels of sports venues such as schools, universities, and domestic and overseas stages. In addition, the university and 24 other top universities in the world jointly committed to the “Sustainable Environmental campus Charter”, leading the development of campus energy conservation master plan, implementation of water and electricity conservation, strengthen waste management and other “green university” programs, teaching and research teams and students are also committed to the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Among them, the NUS Student Union has taken the lead in organizing a number of green activities, such as the “NUS Green Carnival” and “Earth Hour”, to promote environmental sustainability messages.

According to the official website of the University in April 2015, the university’s research strength in the fields of engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences is widely recognized; In 2013, the University has more than 2,400 active researchers, nearly 8,000 papers published in international journals, external research funding of more than 589 million US dollars, more than 2,200 national projects declared, a total of 51,519 authorized invention patents, utility model patents and other intellectual property rights. Of these, 341 inventions have been published in international journals.