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Alma College diploma, Alma College degree, Alma College of Arts and Sciences is located in Alma, central Michigan, close to the scenic Great Lakes region, and only one to two hours’ drive from the capital Lansing and the big city Detroit. how to make Alma College fake diploma, how can I buy fake degree of Alma College, where to get fake degree certificate of Alma College, The transportation is convenient, and there are direct flights from Detroit to Beijing and Shanghai. The main campus of the school covers a total area of 125 hectares, with 27 red-walled buildings scattered among them. In addition, Alma College still has a 200-hectare ecological research area. Alma, where the college is located, is a typical small city in the Midwest of the United States with a long history of Scotland. The town architecture and folk customs embody the Scottish style, and it is known as “Little Scotland in America”. There are nearly 10,000 residents in the city, and the folk customs are simple and the crime rate is extremely low.
Founded in 1886, Alma College of Arts and Sciences is an old-fashioned private boarding university with a 129-year tradition of liberal arts education. Its private donation property is about 116 million US dollars. Currently, there are about 1,400 students studying full-time at the school. . Since its inception, Alma College has been adhering to the concept of “coexistence of high humanistic quality and scientific pursuit, and common development of all disciplines”, and is committed to cultivating “independent thinking ability, group benefit service awareness, strong leadership style, and responsibility-for-public life attitude. public servant of the future world”.
The special feature of Alma College of Arts and Sciences is that it is small but refined, it not only has a long history of Scottish American history, strong legal, medical, financial and biological university alliance resources, but also has a unique advantageous discipline system and rigorous teaching method, a highly personal responsibility-based tutor system, a pure and simple traditional campus learning atmosphere and a beautiful natural environment.
The school has passed the qualification review of the American Higher Education Commission and the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities, and is also listed among the American colleges and universities recognized on the official website of the Ministry of Education of China. Alma College of Arts and Sciences provides 4-year liberal arts undergraduate general education for students from 29 states in the United States and 15 different countries around the world. It can award Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees. The college currently has 41 majors, with disciplines focusing on biology, law, new media, economics, finance, trade, and management. It advocates a comprehensive and systematic “free art” liberal arts education. Students can also select courses according to their personal interests. Synthesize your own desired profession. Every student must complete at least 136 credits to graduate. The majors offered by the school include communication majors (including journalism), digital new media majors, business administration, international business and trade, How can I Get Alma College Diploma or Buy Fake Degree of Alma College within 3 Days? American studies, foreign languages, biotechnology, art and design, environmental science, computer science, biology, psychology, Public health, exercise health sciences, education, foreign affairs, dance, music performance, etc.
Alma College of Arts and Sciences adopts a 4-4-1 academic year setting method, in which the fall and winter semesters each last 14 weeks (4 months), and the spring semester (SpringTerm) lasts for one month (May). The spring semester gives students the opportunity to cross geographical, cultural or disciplinary boundaries and fully expand their academic interests. It is also a great time for students to fully experience various learning opportunities outside the campus (in the United States or abroad).
Compared to the traditional fall and winter semesters, the spring semester at Alma College of Arts and Sciences allows students to focus on one academic topic at a time, providing students with a unique learning experience. For example, the themes of the 2011 spring semester are to lead students to study the national characteristics of Scotland, participate in the performance of ancient fables in England, visit cultural relics in Peru, explore the coral reefs in Hawaii, observe China’s economic development and social change, or complete a 900-mile journey , bike tour through Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. In 2014, some professors of the college led students to Germany and Poland to learn and experience the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany and the impact of the Cold War on Europe, Germany and the world. Although the school only requires students to complete two spring semesters before graduation, the extraordinary experience gained from it makes many students choose to take the spring semester every year.
90% of Alma’s faculty members are Ph.Ds or have the highest academic qualifications in the discipline, and most of the professors graduated from key universities or Ivy League schools. The Faculty-Student Ratio at the College is 12:1 and the average classroom floor space ratio is 18 students. Each student has an exclusive learning tutor when he enters the school, who is responsible for the student’s courses and academic planning. This personal tutor responsibility education method can effectively meet the learning requirements and interests of students at different levels, and can effectively guarantee the quality of teaching and learning. According to the 2011 “Princeton University Review” ranking, Alma College was elected “Best University in the Midwest“.
The library of Alma College of Arts and Sciences adheres to the elite education model. In order to fully meet the learning needs of students, as long as students put forward relevant requirements such as books and video materials, the library will not only order books at the first time, but also provide inter-school books across the United States. Borrowing opportunities. In addition, the school’s computer room and classrooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual education equipment, and the software and hardware are top-notch.
A liberal arts education is a very employable form of education in today’s economic environment. More than 90 percent of Alma College of Arts and Sciences students are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. The employment and enrollment rate of medical students reached 92% within half a year. For many years, Alma College of Arts and Sciences has maintained an admission rate of 83% for law school graduate students and 90% for medical school graduate students, much higher than the average graduate admission rate of 40% in American colleges and universities. The school has joint education agreements with Indiana University, Michigan State University and Washington University, so some students can obtain admission guarantees from these schools when they apply for graduate students after graduation. In addition, Alma’s students have also shown their competitiveness in the graduate admissions of Ivy League universities such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, Stanford University, Oxford University, and the University of Pennsylvania, and have received priority admission.
The proud alumni background of Alma College of Arts and Sciences is also enough to prove the achievements of the school’s general education. In 2011, 20 students from the school were selected into PhiBetaKappa, the elite organization of American universities. Founded in 1776, PhiBetaKappa is also known as the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Among the members of the association have produced 17 US presidents, 38 US Supreme Court justices and 136 Nobel Prize winners. The Harvard University graduation certificate will make a special note on the members of Pei Taofei, and will be awarded the honor equivalent to “National Scholarship”. Alma College shares the honor of being a member of this association with only 10% of colleges and universities in the United States.
Since 2003, a total of 25 students of the Alma College of Arts and Sciences have won the highly competitive Fulbright Scholarship (Fulbright), and more than 20 other students have won national advanced scholarships such as the British Marshall Scholarship (British Marshall, one year in the United States) About 40 places) and the Truman Scholarship ((Truman, only one person in one state in the United States can get it every year), the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship (Gates-Cambridge, the exclusive scholarship of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, only 40 people in the United States have won it in the past 10 years), especially Udall Scholarship, etc. Alma College of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1886, is an old private boarding university with 129 years of liberal arts education tradition. The concept of common development of all disciplines is committed to cultivating future world public servants with “independent thinking ability, group benefit service awareness, strong leadership style and public life attitude of responsibility”.