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The Australian National University (ANU), abbreviated as ANU, was founded on the basis of a special bill passed by the Australian Federal Parliament. ANU degree, buy fake ANU degree certificate, fake ANU diploma, buy fake degree of Australian National University, The bill was jointly proposed by the then Australian Prime Minister Joseph Benedict Chifley and John Dedman, Director of the Post-War Reconstruction Committee of the Second World War, Shopping Australian National University Degree Online! and received the opposition leader With the full support of Robert Menzies, it was successfully passed on August 1, 1946, and the bill was the Australian National University Act.
The purpose of the establishment is to establish a top research-oriented national university to enhance Australia’s overall academic research strength. ANU has also become a national university (name: National) established by a separate legislation by the Federal Parliament. It is different from other public universities in Australia-they are all established by legislation by the state parliaments.
After the establishment of ANU, a large number of outstanding Australian scholars began to join the creation of ANU, buy fake graduate diploma certifciate from Australia, including the discoverer of penicillin, pathologist Sir Howard Florey (Nobel Prize winner), buy fake MBA degree from Australia online, and historian Sir Hancock (Keith Hancock) and the famous economist Sir Coombs (Herbert Cole Coombs) and so on. At the beginning of the school, ANU was committed to the development of cutting-edge scientific research and only recruited graduate students. It was not until 1960 that Canberra University College (Canberra University College) was merged into it and it began to recruit university students. Founded in 1979, Shopping Australian National University Degree Online!  the Australian National University Enterprise (ANU Enterprise) is responsible for the operation of public institutions, such as the undertaking of scientific research projects, the production of precision scientific instruments, etc., with 7 colleges: College of Arts and Social Sciences (College of Arts and Social Sciences), Engineering And the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the College of Sciences, the College of Health & Medicine, the College of Business and Economics, the College of Asia and the Pacific ( College of Asia and the Pacific), College of Law (College of Law).