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BCIT transcript, buy fake BCIT transcript, fake transcript of Britsh Columbia Institute of Technology, The most prominent feature of BCIT is that the training objectives are adjusted in time according to the job market, buy fake BCIT diploma and transcript, buy BCIT transcript, buy fake BCIT diploma certificate and the course design and teaching mode are flexible and flexible according to the needs of enterprises, buy fake transcript, buy fake diploma, so that students can have both employment and entrepreneurial abilities at the same time. High salary and high employment rate ranks in Canada. The first one;
Scientific curriculum, all BCIT courses take professional courses in the first year, and cultural courses in the second year, so that students can quickly and effectively master the most practical knowledge and skills;
The teaching materials are updated in a timely manner. The BCIT Expert Advisory Committee will update the teaching materials every year according to social development to ensure that students learn and master the latest theories and skills;
Licenses with high gold content, such as construction engineer, mechanic, surveyor, general engineer, etc.
Faculty Introduction Edit Broadcast
School of Business, School of Computer and Academic Research, School of Architecture and Environment, School of Energy, School of Health Sciences, School of Transportation
Popular Majors, Construction Management (Upgrading), Surveying, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Automation, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Chemical Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Broadcasting and Mass Media, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, International Trade with transportation, information technology management, general management learning, sales management, and more. The following majors are offered: Accounting, Advertising, Advertising Marketing, 3D Animation Design, Architectural Technology, Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Services, Biological Jewelry Technology, Boiler Makers, Woodworking, Electricity, Glazing, Iron Workers , joinery, piling workers, bridge engineering, building science, computer systems, electrical engineering, electronics, civil engineering, environmental engineering technology, environmental health, surveying and mapping, court investigation and so on.