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Fordham University is a private research university located in New York City, USA, Fordham University diploma, buy fake degree of Fordham University, fake Fordham University diploma certificate, buy Fordham University diploma, fake degree certificate of Fordham University, fake Fordham University transcript, buy fake diploma of Fordham University, Fordham University degree,  formerly known as St. John’s College in the Catholic Church of New York founded in 1841. , in 1907 the school was renamed to its current name. Fordham University has ten colleges, four of which are colleges and six are graduate colleges. Fordham University is a famous Patriot League school. The alliance consists of 12 elite institutions including MIT, Georgetown University, and West Point. Common features of these institutions are small size and a high degree of meritocracy. Fordham University is second only to Columbia University and New York University in New York, buy fake diploma, fake degree, and has a very large and powerful alumni circle in New York, including former US President Donald Trump, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo,
Fordham University’s campuses are located in the New York City area, including the Lincoln Center campus in Midtown Manhattan, the Rose Hill main campus in the Bronx, and the Westchester campus in the suburban West Harrison County. Kensington also has an Overseas Study Centre. Its law, business, English, history, education and sociology all enjoy a high reputation in the United States. Business majors such as finance, informatics, and marketing have occupied the top 20 in the United States all year round. At the same time, it ranked 34th in the United States in the “Best Undergraduate Teaching” (Best Undergraduate Teaching) ranking of “U.S. News” in 2020, tied with Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley and other universities.
Fordham College at Rose Hill (1841-)
College of Liberal Arts, recruiting four-year full-time undergraduate students. The college’s comprehensive and flexible liberal arts curriculum not only stimulates students’ thinking and exercises their eloquence, but also explores students’ aesthetic talents. When Needs to Buy Fake Degree of Fordham University? Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science are awarded.
College of Business Administration (1920-)
The college was established in the financial district of lower Manhattan in 1920 and moved to the Rose Hill campus in 1947. The School of Business Administration teaches a four-year program that focuses on students’ analytical skills and understanding of the humanistic values ​​of business. The college’s international major offers not only international internships but also optional study abroad hours. The college also offers dual-degree programs, where gifted students can complete their BS and MBA programs in 5 years, earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Awarded a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting.
Fordham of College of Liberal Studies (1944-)
As its name suggests, the college is for non-traditional students, offering full- and part-time study programs and flexible schedules, with the option to choose between three campuses.
Fordham College at Lincoln Center Lincoln Center (1968-)
A liberal arts college, which has both a fixed literary core curriculum and an interdisciplinary curriculum. The college is located in the cultural, artistic and commercial center of Manhattan. In addition to liberal arts majors, the college also admits media studies, visual arts, drama, and other arts majors. Many programs have cooperative programs and relationships with New York City’s arts and cultural institutions, social service centers, and various communities, and there are special programs for adults over 21, especially those who have some work experience and want to return to school. design. The college awards a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Graduate School
Law School (1905)
Founded in 1905, Fordham University School of Law is second only to the law schools of Columbia University and New York University in New York City. Ranked 25th in the 2007 U.S. News & World Report; ranked 15th in terms of LSAT scores for admission. The five undergraduate schools that send the largest number of students to Fordham Law School are New York University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania.
The University of Fuzhou Law School has a strong alumni force among the large law firms in New York City, so the employment situation is good. According to the number of alumni, FSU Law School ranks eighth among the top 50 and top 25 law firms.
Fordham Law School has also left its mark in American popular culture: George Clooney’s lawyer Michael Clayton in the 2007 legal thriller “Hostile Conspiracy” graduated from Fordham Law School.
Fordham University Law School signed an exchange student agreement with China University of Political Science and Law in March 2008.
Graduate School of Business Administration (1969)
New York City offers unparalleled opportunities for business students. The courses offered by the college cover accounting, business economics, business law, communication and media management, system design management, finance, information and communication systems, management systems, marketing, taxation and other fields.
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (1916)
Departments: Biological Sciences, Classical Languages ​​and Literature, Communication and Media Studies, Computer Information Science, Economics, English and Literature, History, Philosophy, Philosophical Resources, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Theology.
Interdepartmental majors: International Political Economy and Development, Humanities and Natural Sciences.
Research Centers and Institutes: Center for Moral Education, Center for Medieval Studies, Center for Latino and Latino Studies.
The more famous are theology, classical languages ​​and literature, philosophy
Graduate School of Education (1916)
Graduate School of Social Service (1916)
According to US News, the school ranks 18th among similar graduate schools in the United States.
Graduate School of Religion & Religious Education (1969)