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University of Oxford degree

University of Oxford degree

University of Oxford degree, University of Oxford diploma,  Oxford is the main city in the Thames Valley. Legend has it that the ancient cattle waded through the water, hence the name Oxford. Oxford has always been the focal point of London’s westbound routes, buy University of Oxford fake degree, University of Oxford fake diploma, fake Oxford degree certificate, and as early as 1096, there were people giving lectures at Oxford. Before the 12th century, fake degree of University of Oxford, buy fake diploma of University of Oxford from UK, University of Cambridge diploma, fake University of Oxford transcript, fake University of Oxford degree and transcript, there were no universities in England, and people went to France and other continental countries to study. In 1167, when the then King of England had a quarrel with the King of France, the King of England recalled the English scholars who had been sent to the University of Paris and prohibited them from going to the University of Paris. Another theory is that, in a fit of rage, the King of France expelled British scholars from the University of Paris back to England. In any case, these scholars returned from Paris, gathered in Oxford, and engaged in the teaching and research of scholastic philosophy with the assistance of the Catholic Benedictines. So people began to regard Oxford as a “general school”, which was actually the predecessor of Oxford University. The reason why scholars gathered in Oxford is because Henry II built one of his palaces in Oxford at that time, and scholars came here to obtain the protection of the king.
At the end of the 12th century, Oxford was known as a “teacher-student university”.
In 1201, Oxford had its first headmaster.
In 1209, after the clashes between Oxford students and the townspeople, some Oxford scholars moved to the northeast of the town of Cambridge, which was established by Franciscans, Benedictines and Clothes, and established the University of Cambridge. Since then, the two universities have been competing with each other for quite some time.
On June 20, 1214, after consultations with a papal envoy, the university returned to Oxford and was chartered. The identity of the University of Oxford was not formally established until an act passed in 1571.
It was in the Middle Ages that young students with active thoughts, unruly lives, and often in debt on credit, inevitably clashed with local residents. In one of the biggest clashes, hundreds of students were shot dead by random arrows. Buy Fake University of Oxford Degree Will Be More and More Harder! The result of this incident was that the king came forward to suppress it and sentenced the citizens to compensate the Oxford University for 500 years.
Many of the colleges that make up Oxford University were founded between the 13th and 16th centuries. Christ Church College was founded by Cardinal Worthy in 1525 as a church college for the training of bishops. The upper part of the tower in Tom Square Garden was built by Len in 1682 and is the largest tower in the city.
In 1648, when Tom’s bell was hung, there were 101 students in the college, so at 9:05 pm (Oxford’s time was 5 minutes slower than Greenwich) the bell struck 101 times to remind students to pay attention to the curfew (no longer since 1963). implementation).
University College (University Colleage) is the oldest college in Oxford (1249), and it is also said to be Merton College (Merton Colleage) (1264). Others are New College (1379), Queen’s College (1695) and so on.
During the 17th century Civil War many battles were fought near Oxford, which was the headquarters of the student-supported Charles I. When the royalists were forced to flee Oxford, Cromwell made himself head of the university.
In the 2001-2002 academic year, the total number of students studying at Oxford University exceeded 16,500, of which foreign students from more than 130 countries accounted for 1/3, and the number of postgraduate students was about 5,000.
On May 15, 2020, the first scientific research cooperation platform jointly established by Oxford University and Western China universities in the medical field – Sichuan University-Oxford University West China Gastrointestinal Cancer Joint Research Center signed and unveiled. The signing ceremony was conducted via video link. [19]
On November 4, 2021, the British “Guardian” and other media reported that after receiving a gift of 155 million pounds, Oxford University’s “Linacre College” decided to name the richest woman in Vietnam and changed it to “Grass College” (Thao College) Faculty
As of the end of July 2013, the school had 11,804 faculty members and 10,766 full-time faculty members. Among Oxford’s teaching staff, there are 83 members of the Royal Society and 125 members of the British Academy of Sciences.
advanced subjects
Oxford University is a leader in psychology, biology, law, engineering, social sciences, economics, philosophy, history, music, chemistry, biochemistry, literature, French, German, Danish, mathematics, physics, and earth sciences .