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Buy Fake Diploma Certificate of Lake Catholic High School For Applying University

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Lake Catholic High School diploma

Lake Catholic High School diploma, Basic Information of Lake Catholic High School. Type: Co-educational school. Religious background: Catholic. fake Lake Catholic High School diploma, buy fake diploma certificate of Lake Catholic High School, buy high school diploma certificate, buy fake higher school diploma, fake high school certificate,  buy Lake Catholic High School fake diploma, Established: 1970, Grades: 9-12. buy fake American high school diploma, buy fake American degree,  Number of students: 876. Average class size: 24, Senior teachers: 70%. Teacher-student ratio: 1:14. Number of international students: 28 (all from China).
Accommodation Type: Homestay
Whether to share with GP: No
Geographical location
Address: 6733 Reynolds Rd. , Mentor, OH 44060
State: Ohio
Major Nearby Towns: Cleveland
Nearby University: Case Western Reserve University (#37 in the nation)
Final destination airport: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)
International Student Admission Fee
Study Fees (2015-2016): $31,900 includes tuition, room and board, language tutoring courses (ESL, TOEFL, SAT Critical Reading).
Additional one-time fees (first year only): Application Fee, $160; I-20 Fee, $250; New Student Orientation Fee, $2000*.
The above fees do not include books, clothing, sports electives and health insurance.
*The International Freshman Orientation Fee includes 2 parts, Buy Fake Diploma Certificate of Lake Catholic High School For Applying University one is a 2-day pre-departure orientation in China, and the other is a freshman orientation at an American school after arriving in the United States.
Notable Points
Icon Code Description
1g Cooperative Dual Credit Course with University
6a Close to Lake Erie with plenty of water sports
6b Where the NBA Cavaliers are located
4a Wrestling, Soccer, Women’s Volleyball State Championship
Academic Program
Academic Statistics
Honors Program: 27
AP courses: 9
AP Pass Rate: 50%
AP Average Score: 3
Dual Credit Programs: Students can take college-level courses through Lakeland Community Schools. The school provides students with a bus to and from the school.
AP Math and Science Courses
Calculus AB Biology
Physics B
AP Humanities Courses
English Literature Interior Art – Painting
Room Art – 2D Room Art – 3D
U.S. History U.S. Government
Religious Program: Every year the school enrolls students in a theology program.
Featured Electives:
Business and Technology: Financial Literacy
Humanities: Journalism, Mythology, Young Literary Rebels, Introduction to Classical Philosophy, African Literature, World History, Modern World History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Historical Speech and Debate.
Performing Arts: Painting, Digital Photography, Pottery, Material Preparation I and II, Printing, Orchestra, Musical Chorus, Music Theory, Swing Band, Show Composition, Symphony Orchestra.
Mathematics and Science: Discrete Mathematics, Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology, Earth Science/Astronomy, Botany
International Student Tutoring: International students can choose to take ESL courses offered by the school or take additional special ESL tutoring.
Lesson Activities and Sports
Sports: 24
Participation rate: 80%
Club: 60
Participation rate: 80%