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Fake Limkokwing University Degree, Buy Fake Diploma of Limkokwing University

Fake Limkokwing University Degree, buy fake diploma of Limkokwing University

Fake Limkokwing University Degree, buy fake diploma of Limkokwing University

Fake Limkokwing University Degree, Fake Limkokwing University diploma, Limkokwing University’s brand-new education model with a global vision has attracted the attention of Malaysian education brands from all over the world. At the same time, fake Limkokwing University of Creative Technology diploma,  its own brand courses have been recognized by the Botswana Higher Education Commission, the Cambodian International University Certification Service Department, buy Fake Limkokwing University fake degree, fake diploma certificate of Fake Limkokwing University, Fake Limkokwing University fake transcript, buy fake diploma from Malaysia, fake college diploma, fake university degree, the Bali Provincial Government of Indonesia, and the Iraqi Government. At the same time, letters from the Malaysian Academic Qualification Agency, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Senegal Institute of Science and Technology, the Tanzania University Council, and the British International College Qualification Service Center also fully recognized the courses of Limkokwing University.
2015 Global Classroom Project: Limkokwing University Global University Partnership University Alliance is composed of top universities in the world. Limkokwing University adheres to the goal of cultivating the world’s top graduates and provides students with a wide range of practical opportunities. Through academic exchanges with these universities, Limkokwing University has excellent courses that meet international standards and the actual needs of the industry. Students complete their courses in the main campus in Malaysia. During the vacation time, the school provides students with the opportunity to study in another country for 2 months free of charge, and at the same time bears the air tickets and accommodation expenses for the 2-month study period in this country. Students can choose Limkokwing University to conduct a global classroom program at any of the 16 campuses in 10 countries around the world, including: London, England, Bali, Thailand, Kuching and Malacca, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Shanghai, China, etc. By learning in a campus atmosphere full of diversity, internationalization, inspiration and creativity, students can expand their thinking and vision, and understand the cultural knowledge of different countries through visits and exchanges, and become the most in-demand, effect-oriented with tech-savvy global graduates.
honor Award
Limkokwing University’s unique teaching philosophy has been widely acclaimed in various countries around the world and has won numerous honors and awards. These include: Global Education Innovation Leader Award, Outstanding Educational Website Innovation Outstanding Achievement Award, Outstanding Portal Website Authority Award, Excellent University Website Authority Award, and European International Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation Awards, etc. The founder, Lin Guorong, was awarded the highest order of knighthood by the head of the African Kingdom of Lesotho, Letsie, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to instilling creative culture in the young generation around the world, so as to maximize technology and creativity.
Department of Innovation Design: Bachelor of Professional Design (Honours), Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours), Bachelor of Commercial Fashion (Honours), Bachelor of Brand Packaging Design (Honours), Bachelor of Surface Design (Honours)
Department of Creative Multimedia: Bachelor of Animation (Honours), Bachelor of Digital Image Composition (Honours), Bachelor of Digital Communication Design (Honours), Bachelor of Digital Multimedia Integration (Honours), Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Honours), Sound Design (Honours) ), Bachelor of Games Art and Development (Honours), Bachelor of Web Design and Technology (Honours)
Department of Communication, Media and Broadcasting: Bachelor of Professional Communication (Honours), Bachelor of Digital Film and Television (Honours), Bachelor of Broadcasting and Journalism (Honours), Bachelor of Sports Journalism (Honours), Bachelor of Events Management (Honours)
Department of Built Environment: Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Bachelor of Property Management (Honours), Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design (Honours), Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours), Bachelor of Architectural Technology, Bachelor of Architecture
Department of Information and Communication Technology: BSc (Honours) Business Information Technology, BSc (Honours) Information Technology, BSc (Honours) Multimedia Software Engineering, BSc (Honours) Electronic Commerce, Mobile Information Processing (Honours) BSc, BSc (Honours) Games Technology, BSc (Honours) ICT
Department of Global Business Management: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Nature, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Trade, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Marketing , Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Hotel Management, Bachelor (Honours) in Tourism Management, Bachelor (Honours) in Sports and Health Management, Bachelor (Honours) in Public Administration
Graduate courses:
Master of Arts in Mass Communication, Master of Arts in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice, Master of Business Administration in Media and Public Relations, Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, Master of Business Administration in Finance and Banking, Master of Leisure and Tourism Management, Multimedia Master of Business Administration in Management, Master of Business Administration in Sports Management.