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GWU transcript

George Washington University is located in the center of the capital Washington, GWU transcript only a few steps away from the White House, buy fake George Washington University transcript, fake George Washington University transcript,  the State Department and the World Bank. buy fake George Washington University diploma with transcript, The school has three campuses. Buy Fake Transcript of GWU, fake GWU diploma,  buy fake diploma, fake transcript, The campus has excellent facilities. There are multiple libraries, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, hospitals, various large and small shops, restaurants, student activity organizations, etc. in teaching buildings, laboratory buildings and dormitory buildings. The campus has a pleasant scenery, with many large lawns, sculpture fountains and cherry blossom trees, and classical and modern buildings complement each other. The school is led by a council. The council is responsible for electing the principal. The principal is responsible for managing school affairs.
The school has nine colleges:
Columbia College of Arts and Sciences
Columbia College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and oldest college in the university. It was created in 1821, at the same time as the university. Columbia College of Arts and Sciences is one of the earliest institutions in the United States with the right to confer doctoral degrees. The School of Media and Public Affairs and the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration are affiliated with the Columbia College of Arts and Sciences, but operate independently. Columbia College of Arts and Sciences is world-renowned for its academic diversity.
medical school
The School of Medicine was established in 1821 to meet the large demand for physicians in Washington, D.C. In 1981, when President Ronald Reagan was taken to the emergency room of the medical center after the assassination, it became the focus of the world. The emergency room area has since established the Ronald Reagan Institute for Energy Medicine. A large number of politicians, including Vice President Cheney, conduct regular inspections and emergency treatment here.
In addition, the university also has a related college, that is, medicine and health sciences. In the USNEWS primary care rankings, George Washington University ranks 83 in medicine and health sciences.
law school
Founded in 1826, the Law School is the oldest law school in Washington, DC. Supreme Justices like David J. Brewer, John Marshall Harlan, etc. all teach in law schools. Benefiting from the law school’s close relationship with the Supreme Court, the school frequently receives visits from Supreme Justices and Law Clerks. Chief Justice John Robert chaired the college’s moot court in 2007. The George Washington University School of Law ranks 20th in the United States in US News, and its intellectual property law is particularly prominent, ranking 3rd in the United States.
The Graduate School of Education and Human Development is one of the top educational graduate schools in the United States. It was established in 1909. The college consists of three outstanding departments and is now one of the largest colleges on campus. It ranks among the top 20 in U.S. News & World Report’s graduate school rankings and ranks fifth in overall research funding.
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences was created on October 1, 1884 as the Corcoran Faculty of Science. In 1962, the college became independent from Columbia College. It was the first college to accept female degree applicants in engineering, and it is also the college that awards the most engineering doctorates to women in the nation. The bazooka was invented at the Academy in 1942.