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9 Characteristics About INTI International University Diploma!

INTI diploma

INTI International University diploma certificate

INTI International University (INTI) is a prestigious private university founded in 1986. Thanks to its sound management and excellent reputation, the University has today grown to be one of the leading private institutions in Malaysia. INTI diploma, buy fake INTI degree, fake degree of INTI International University, buy fake degree from Malaysia, INTI degree, copy INTI degree and transcript, The university has four branches in Malaysia and will enroll new students in Thailand in 2001. buy INTI graduate certificate online, buy fake INTI diploma certifcate online,  So far, the total number of students at INdy International University has reached about 12,000. buy fake graduate certificate online, This tireless effort has earned indi a number of accolades: it was the first private school to be awarded the Malaysian Education Excellence Award in 1997, the CERTIFICATE of ISO9002 Quality Management from the Malaysian And Research Standards Authority (SIRIM) in 1998, and the Certificate of “Multimedia Super Corridor Status” from the Malaysian government in 1999.

The university is located in the main campus of Indi International University in Ru ‘ai New Town, Negeri Sembilan, covering an area of 83 acres. The campus is surrounded by mountains and forests, with unique and elegant buildings filled with strong academic and cultural atmosphere, making it an ideal higher education institution for students to study. The magnificent building, consisting of administration building, teaching building, learning resource center, student center, student service center, Olympic standard swimming pool and 16 dormitory buildings, resembles a well-equipped town. 9 Characteristics About Fake INTI International University Diploma;

School characteristics

1. With English as the only teaching medium, INTI continues to provide high-quality teaching courses and professional training that keep pace with The Times, covering a wide range of subjects. Indi is committed to providing students with a wider international education network. Its hundreds of certificates, diplomas and degrees have been accepted by more than 300 universities around the world through credit transfer and dual courses, dozens of which are world-renowned.

2. High quality of teaching – INTI International University is one of the institutions of higher education with the highest number of courses accredited by the Malaysian Authority for Academic Accreditation.

3. Awarded the National Creative Brand and Innovation Award by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Malaysia in 2004.

4, Indy college is the only joint college accredited overseas by the University of Hertfordshire and Coventry University. The “3+0” course is rated as outstanding by the UK Higher Education Accreditation Council.

5, More than 18,000 graduates in science, engineering, business and information technology. These talented people contribute their strength to their respective countries in their respective industries.

6, A pioneer of international education, providing students with a platform to receive education from more than 300 international excellent universities.

7. About 38% of Indy engineering students have so far obtained first Class honours degrees from the University of Adelaide.

8,The only private college accredited by the United States Department of Commerce. Since 1992, four out of every ten students who have transferred to the United States for further study have come from INTI 

9,INTI Diploma is recognized and accepted by most countries in the world. All the 9 Characteristics About Fake INTI International University Diploma are shown.