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Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript

The famous comprehensive research university in Malaysia – Universti Tunku Abdul Rahman (referred to as “UTAR”) has accelerated the process of digital transformation with the help of the third group of Xinhua under Unisplendor, Buy Fake Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript.which can ensure uninterrupted online teaching even during the epidemic in 2020, providing strong support for the study and work of more than 21000 teachers and students in the school.
As a leader of digital solutions, Xinhuasan has fully empowered a large number of top universities in China, such as Tsinghua University, Shandong University, South China University of Technology, to develop smart education, and has accumulated rich industry experience. Buy Fake Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript.
Professor Ir. Dr. Yow Ho Kwang, vice president of internationalization and academic development of the University of Raman, said in an interview that digital transformation has created great value and brought smooth online learning and work experience for teachers and students; Buy Fake Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript.In the post-epidemic period, the digital transformation process of Raman University will continue.
According to the joint research report of Bain and Facebook, Malaysia has become the country with the largest number of digital users in Southeast Asia, with the proportion of digital consumers reaching 88%, and is expected to increase to 90% by the end of 2021. Buy Fake Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript.The development of digital economy has become a consensus among countries in the world. In February 2021, the Malaysian government launched the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint (“MyDIGITAL” for short). This is a comprehensive plan aimed at promoting Malaysia’s digital transformation and formulating a roadmap, mission statement and schedule for the country’s grand vision of becoming a leader in the regional digital economy.
Of course, the digital process in Malaysia is not just beginning. In recent years, in order to support the digital transformation of local enterprises, Malaysia has continuously increased its investment in the field of ICT (information and communication technology), and hopes to promote the business transformation of enterprises by helping them systematically improve their talents, processes, technologies and other aspects, so as to promote the economic development of all walks of life.
However, the sudden epidemic has further increased the demand of various industries in the country for digital transformation, prompting an increasing number of Malaysian people and traditional industries to rely on digital technology to meet their daily needs, and further promoting the demand for increasing Internet bandwidth, adopting cloud platforms and services, and improving the utilization rate of remote collaboration platforms. For example, in the education industry, the epidemic has led to great changes in traditional teaching methods in Malaysia, and online teaching has become a new normal. Digital transformation has become an urgent choice for teaching to ensure that students can continue to receive education in the event of school closure.
Raman University is also a non-profit higher education institution founded by the Raman University Education Foundation, providing more than 120 academic courses for more than 21000 local and international students, covering literature, business, management, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc. During the epidemic in 2020, Malaysia implemented the “Action Control Order” of COVID-19, and faculty and college students need to work or study remotely at home.
Therefore, like many other educational institutions, Raman University has to transfer its offline courses to the online, and remotely provide live teaching and other teaching services for teachers and students through the cloud management platform, which greatly increases the data flow of the school’s internal cloud server. Buy Fake Kementeian Pelajaran Malaysta Transcript.
The growth of data traffic has brought great pressure. According to Professor Yao Heguang, in the Jinbao Campus of the University of Raman, the network infrastructure that has been built for more than 14 years can only support 1Gbps connection speed, and cannot guarantee the smooth progress of online courses, video conferences and other bandwidth-intensive activities; At the same time, because most of the experiments are completed in the laboratory, Raman University is also facing another digital challenge, that is, the digital transformation of the physical laboratory, which urgently needs innovative solutions for experimental virtualization.
These have prompted the University of Raman to take a new step in the process of digital transformation, improving and upgrading its campus network and wireless system.
Based on the practical experience of hundreds of industries and rich digital solutions, Xinhuasan has an accurate insight into the business pain points of Raman University, providing a solid and reliable technical support for promoting its digital transformation.