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Southern Cross University (SCU)diploma SCU is a public university in Australia, recognized by governments and professional institutions around the world. Southern Cross University degree, Fast Southern Cross University Degree For Sale, buy fake degree of Southern Cross University, buy fake Southern Cross University diploma from Australia, Southern Cross University diploma, buy SCU diploma and trancript, buy fake SCU diploma transcript, In 1994, it was renamed Southern Cross University by the Government of New South Wales, Australia, after the Southern Cross constellation, which is the brightest night sky in the Southern Hemisphere. The university has an outstanding reputation, innovative teaching, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma certificate, buy fake transcript, advanced technology, and provides students with high-quality educational opportunities and first-class equipment. The university’s courses and faculty have won a variety of prestigious awards and grants; the university is internationally renowned for its research. Southern Cross University has four main campuses, namely: Lismore campus (Lismore), Gold Coast campus (Tweed Heads, next to the Gold Coast) and Coffs Harbour campus (Coffs Harbour), The Hotel School Sydney campus. They are all located on the east coast of Australia.
Lismore Campus: There is an ELICOS English Center on the campus. In addition to teaching, the International Department, which provides various expert-level services to international students, also has 16 research centers on the Lismore campus.
Coffs Harbour Campus: The university campus is 3 kilometers away from the commercial center of Coffs Harbour. The campus has a beautiful environment, advanced teaching facilities, and complete supporting services. There is also a famous National Marine Science Center on the campus.
Faculty of Liberal Arts: media, humanities, literary studies, visual arts, education, law, social sciences, multimedia and information technology, psychology;
Business School: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Hotel Management, Sports Tourism, Tourism;
Health and Applied Science: Environmental Science and Management, Exercise Science and Sports Management, Pharmacy, Nursing.