He could speak a month after she was born, mastered basic calculation and literacy skills at the age of two, and received an exceptional admission letter from the University of Cambridge at the age of thirteen. University of Cambridge degree, buy fake University of Cambridge diploma, order a fake degree of University of Cambridge, The reason why I call myself unremarkable is mainly because after Qi Mu Kongmi was three years old, he never beat his younger brother Nanxiong Qimu again-because Nanxiong is a perfect and flawless superpower. novelty University of Cambridge diploma, After the birth of her younger brother, Kong Mi worked hard with the goal of defeating her younger brother.
At the age of twelve, get a fake University of Cambridge degree from UK, he was about to graduate from elementary school and received an offer from Cambridge University. She should have been struggling for two years and found that she could not beat her younger brother. Then she went to study in the UK. She encountered a turning point in her life-ugly enough to make people worthy of SAN. The frantic dark creature suddenly came into view.
After investigating, I learned that the ugly new thing is called “curse spirit”, and his brother Nanxiong, who does not have the so-called “curse power,” can’t see it.
So Qi Mu Kongmei understood that her research direction had been wrong all the time.
Sora Mi: This time I will use “Curse Power” against “Super Powers”, and I will definitely defeat my brother Kusuo! Then, with the authority of the winner, Nanxiong asked me to touch and hug me like this!
Qi Mu Kongmei, a woman who was later called a nightmare by a new generation of conjurers, officially jumped to a higher school and was able to defeat the superpowers with the help of the enthusiastic and enthusiastic support during the school period… The study of the curse.