The choice of studying in the United States or the United Kingdom has made many foreign students tangle
Is it better to study in Britain or in the United States? What is the difference between studying in the UK and studying in the US
What about the difference? American diploma, British diploma, buy fake American diploma, buy fake British diploma, Let’s listen and explain it in detail.
The UK has a short school system, and most undergraduate education is a three-year system, with the exception of four in Scotland
The one-year master’s education is mostly one and a half years, and the research-oriented master’s education is two years. In the United States
In China, most colleges and universities implement the credit system, and can graduate after completing the corresponding credits. Undergraduate and China
Similarly, they are all four-year programs. The master’s degree is basically two years, and there are also one and a half years. So, at
The time cost in the UK will be relatively low.
The United States has nearly 4000 universities and has the largest number of colleges and universities in the world, while the United Kingdom.
The strength of American schools is uneven. There are world-class MIT, Harvard and other famous schools,
In addition to the well-known Ivy League University, Stanford University, the University of Chicago and Duke
y and other powerful private institutions, What is the difference between an American diploma and a British diploma? while public universities also include Berkeley, California and Los Angeles, California
There are also a lot of pheasant universities. Britain
China has more than 20 universities in the top 100 in the world, and Oxford and Sword are the top ten in the world
There are a few bridges and Imperial College, but compared with public, private and community universities in the United States,
Most British universities are public schools, which are included in the list of qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education. Except for everyone
Besides the well-known Oxford and Cambridge, there are also universities in the second tier, such as Edinburgh
KCL and others are also good choices for Chinese students.
The education in the United States is world-class in both quantity and quality; Is the world
One of the most developed countries in education in the world, there are more than 3800 colleges and universities in the United States at present; Is the world
The first country in the world to realize the popularization of higher education. Outside the classroom, American universities have excellent resources
The trend is more obvious. The more excellent universities in the United States are, the more they can provide rich academic resources, for example
Such as various lectures, academic conferences and exchange activities, students can participate widely, even
Communicate with industry leaders and accumulate contacts with peers.
The British education system has a long history, with a history of more than 700 years, and a strict style of study
Sincerely, the campus is stable, with strong strength and solid foundation. Therefore, British diplomas
It is internationally recognized and respected. Compared with American universities, British universities pay more attention to basic science
The research and development of new and high technology. In a word, the United States is advanced and the United Kingdom is rigorous.
The admission of British schools mainly refers to the academic background of students, including academic background and GPA
Scientific research experience, and IELTS scores are not required when applying. In general,
For schools of the same quality, the threshold of the UK is better in terms of recommendation letters, academic background and other requirements
The country is lower, or more flexible. The application documents of British universities value your study
Enthusiasm and desire of a certain major decide to enroll the teaching teacher of the applied major. Your expression
And substance are very important. The application documents of famous American schools are to tell a good story,
Admissions officers are full-time jobs. Their task is to enroll students for universities. Dig yourself
It is not uncommon for us to see cases where interesting stories have touched the admissions officers of American universities.
In addition, American famous schools will require students to attach Essay of “Why university?”
Explain why you want to apply to this school and why you think you are suitable for this school
All schools hope to enroll students who are positive and most suitable for the school’s intention.
In short, the United States is strict in applying for schools of the same quality, while the United Kingdom is flexible.